Dear Alumni Brothers of Sigma Pi,

I wanted to update you regarding the status of our chapter and house. It has been an interesting year, and given the tragic death of a fellow Penn State Greek pledge in February that sparked national news, we expect many changes to fraternity and sorority life at Penn State for years to come.

Specifically, the following are highlights of changes the University has instituted effective this fall:

  • Freshmen with less than 14 credits earned will be prohibited from rushing any fraternity or sorority. Beginning in 2019, all freshmen, regardless of credits earned, will be prohibited from rush.
  • Social events will be reduced from 45 per semester to 10.
  • Only beer and wine may be served at social events (no liquor).
  • Bartenders must be state-certified and will be personally liable if any under aged are served.
  • No social events will exceed the occupancy code limits for each fraternity house. Sigma Pi has recently been reduced to 192 occupants by Center Region Code Enforcement.
  • Education sessions will be required for all fraternity members that will address hazing and underage drinking.
  • Penn State will now publish “report cards” on all fraternities based on a number of factors, the results of which may affect a fraternity’s ability to recruit future members.

Most of the upcoming changes will help eliminate hazing and curb underage drinking as well as reduce the number and size of social events that have continued to grow out of control over the past 10 years. Members of Theta Board believe that most of the steps that have been outlined by the University are needed in order to help preserve Greek life and fraternity houses for the future.

As representatives of Theta Chapter alumni, we recognize that this is a time of change and want to assure you that Theta Board is taking all steps possible to ensure that our house is safe, properly maintained, and respected by our active brothers. Again, Theta Board concurs with most of the actions from Penn State, and believes that Sigma Pi will continue to offer so much more than just social events, including competition with GPAs, intramurals, philanthropy, and other special events. Our light has shined brightly at Penn State for the past 105 years, including 84 years at 303 Fraternity Row. On behalf of Theta Board, we sincerely appreciate your support as we work together to preserve this sense of pride for future generations of brothers of Theta Chapter.

In the bond,

Kirk Gadebusch ’76
Theta Board President