This summer, we followed up last year’s maintenance and improvement efforts to maintain our fraternity’s 84 year old structure and property by focusing on areas that are safety-related.  Several items included:

Chimney Repair:  While replacing all gutters and downspouts on the house in 2016, we noticed that our four chimneys on the house were missing grout and had worn and damaged chimney caps. These could have potentially caused leaks and structural damage if any one collapsed.  At a cost of $25,000, a brick mason accessed the roof using a lift to repair all chimneys by re-grouting and replacing them with new chimney caps, stabilizing each one.

Walkway Repair:  Stone walkways leading up to the house were loose and steps from Foster Avenue had fallen apart due to grout issues from freezing and thawing temperatures.  As a result, we replaced the steps off Foster Avenue and re-grouted all walkways.  This needed work prevented potential accidents from individuals slipping on loose pave stones and bricks.

First Floor Security Cameras:  Last month, Theta Board approved the installation of security cameras on all first floor common areas.  In 2016, security cameras were added on the exterior areas as well as kitchen, resulting in a significant reduction in damages to cars in the parking areas and in damages to the kitchen.  We expect the new security cameras will help protect our treasured first floor furnishings and identify unauthorized social events.  Many other fraternities have already installed cameras, which have proven to be helpful in identifying individuals damaging fraternity property.