Our History

Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded in 1897 at Vincennes University, in Vincennes, Indiana. Our Executive Office is located at the historic Mitchell House in Lebanon, Tennessee. The Fraternity is one of the top men’s collegiate organizations in North America, with more than 120 active chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada. With over 100,000 alumni and 5,700 undergraduates; our men strive for excellence by living our core values to promote fellowship, develop character and leadership, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement, and inspire service. Sigma Pi is the only Greek letter organization with an international philanthropic program, The ACE Project, specifically designed to give back to our host institutions.


To inspire, promote, and support the lifelong development of our brothers.


I believe in Sigma Pi, a Fellowship of kindred minds, united in Brotherhood to advance Truth and Justice, to promote Scholarship, to encourage Chivalry, to diffuse Culture, and to develop Character, in the Service of God and Man; and I will strive to make real the Fraternity’s ideals in my own daily life.


Our men will strive for excellence by living our core values.

Our Core Values

Promote fellowship

Develop character and leadership

Advance heightened moral awareness

Enable academic achievement

Inspire service

The Ten Obligations Of Membership

  • Give Proper Attention To The Interests Of Sigma Pi.
  • Regard The Fraternity With Spirit Of Sincerity And Respect And Give Earnest Consideration To Its Teachings And Ideals .
  • Meet Financial Obligations Promptly And Fully.
  • Cheerfully Perform Tasks That May Be Assigned For The Good Of The Fraternity.
  • At All Times Be A Gentleman And Use Moderation In All Things .
  • Strive At All Times To Cooperate For The Good Of The Fraternity.
  • Work Diligently To Maintain Good Scholarship.
  • Participate In Worthy College Activities .
  • Profit By Associations With Men In Spirit Of Fraternalism.
  • Be An Exemplary Sigma Pi And Citizen.