Renew Campaign

Renew the House, Renew the Active Chapter, and Renew our Alumni Spirit and Support!

Theta Chapter has turned the corner and is thriving again after dealing with new PSU regulations, low house occupancy, and a global pandemic. We now have an excellent student leadership team and high levels of participation in PSU activities like THON, Homecoming, and Intramural Sports (where we’ve won multiple championships over the past 2 years). Our brotherhood is growing – our number of active brothers, and count of in-House brothers have increased substantially over the last 2 years. Our actives are committed and are ready to strengthen alumni relationships. Here’s the state of our Chapter: 

The time is right for alumni to reconnect with each other and the actives, and to support the House. The Renew Campaign will raise funds for significant House repairs and improvements over the next several years. While solid, our House is aging – it’s time for us to join together and support our Chapter by modernizing the building for our current needs. We’ve outlined the major initiatives and their costs below, and welcome any suggestions, feedback, or questions you may have.

Campaign Plans and Estimated Costs

  • Purchase and install 16 new Anderson windows on 2nd and 3rd floors to replace original windows
  • New windows to match other replacement windows installed in recent years
  • Repair and add elecrical outlets in all bedrooms
  • Inspect electrical service and upgrade equipment and wiring as required
  • Replace candlestick sconces on main floor walls with 17 flush mounted light fixtures; except above fireplaces
  • All plaster walls and wood trim; last painted in 2016
  • New programmable keys for three exterior doors to improve security and avoid frequent locksmith expenses
  • Water softener required to maintain boiler; existing system is very old and not efficient
  • Improve upload and download speed to support increased usage of over 40 house residents
  • New entry-point FOB access system installed Winter 2022
  • Replace equipment as required (e.g. commercial refrigerator, dishwasher)
  • Purchase new cookware and dishware to serve 50+ people per meal
  • Replace drop ceiling panels, paint walls, and repair tile

Future Campaign Plans and Estimated Costs

  • Purchase and install new windows in kitchen, storage areas, guest room, and Sage’s room
  • Maintain architectural features, which may require special construction
  • Existing boiler is at the end of its’ useful life

Total Cost: $150,000

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